Frequently Asked Questions

With the start of a new academic year approaching, we know that you want to know what you can expect from our Freshers Week 2020. The Freshers plan is going to look different this year. The Freshers Fair as we know it will be changing, and we aren’t able to hold the large scale events we had hoped to. This is due to Government restrictions and University guidance. We want to keep staff and students safe, whilst ensuring you are able to access all of the opportunities vailable to you within the Students’ Union.

Yes! We can’t wait for you all to join us for Freshers week this year.

Whilst you are on campus over Welcome Week, the University will give you a time slot to visit our Freshers spaces. You’ll have the opportunity to check out the Clubs and Societies available this year, as well as find out about all the ways you can volunteer with the Union. There’ll also be activities to take part in each day, as well as some freebies to collect! You might also bump into some of our Club and Society members across campus! ;)

Alongside our in-person Freshers area, we’ll also have loads happening online over your first couple of weeks. From games, to live meet and greets, to scavenger hunts, there’ll be so many opportunities to meet people, have fun and win prizes! We also have some Pre-Freshers online events over on the Glimpse app. Head to our website to find out more: Get in touch if you’d like to see something specific over Freshers- we’re here for you!

Refreshers is a chance to catch up and enjoy yourselves after the Christmas break. We’re hoping that Refreshers will be able to go ahead as usual, and we have so many plans to make it extra special for you. So if you have Freshers FOMO, don’t worry! We have plenty in store for you in January- and the rest of the year.

Any official UCLan Students’ Union or University Freshers activity will be promoted from official Union or University social media channels and websites. Only those events listed on these official channels are being run by, or in conjunction with the Students' Union. We have no other connection to external venues or organisations who may be hosting their own unofficial Freshers activity and we are not responsible for the selling of any unofficial Freshers tickets or wristbands, or the recruitment of ‘Freshers Reps.’

The University and your Students’ Union will do everything they can to ensure that all our Freshers events are safe and adhere to social distancing guidelines. We’ll need your help to keep everyone safe, so there may be some information signs around, please make sure you keep an eye out for them :) The University are also installing over 400 sanitisation stations around campus.

We have something special up our sleeves! This year you’ll be able to meet people from your halls of residence/ course/ society/ club before you even get to Preston! Keep your eyes on our Freshers site and social media to find out more!

When you do join us in September, there will be loads of online and offline activities to get involved in where you will be able to meet people and make friends. They’ll all be announced on our Freshers site!

Source Bar will be open in September (Hooray!) with systems in place to allow for effective social distancing and to keep everyone safe. Check out our competition to create your own Source burger creation on Facebook- You could get your name in the menu!

The Atrium will be open in September- where else would you get your Starbucks coffee?! There will be loads of measures in place to ensure your safety in the building

You can keep up to date on all things library here but we’ll also let you know its opening dates on social media as soon as they are available.

You don’t even need to wait for September to join a club, or society. Memberships open from 1st August, so head to our society and club webpages to see what you fancy getting involved in now! We’re also planning our social sport activities where you’ll be able to take part in competitive sport without the commitment to BUCS, just turn up and play!

Our BUCS Sports Clubs will begin competing in January- all being well, but we’re working on ways for teams to train together, in order to be ready for the season. As soon as guidance allows we’ll be starting up our Students’ Union Leagues (SUL), so keep your eye out for some new sports this year!.

This year’s Freshers plans are structured to ensure that no matter what days you are on campus, whether you are living in halls or at home, you are able to get involved in lots of our activities. Insider tip: The Freshers Fair will not just be a one day event this year!

You’re in the right place! All of our Freshers activities will be announced here first- but if you fancy giving us a follow on social media, we’ll be posting all our updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram